Reciprocal recognition and exchange of driving licences agreed with Spain

HM Government of Gibraltar welcomes the decision made by the Spanish Government’s Council of Ministers to authorise the formal, legally binding Agreement providing for the reciprocal recognition and exchange of UK and Gibraltar driving licences in Spain. The Agreement will apply from the day after a formal exchange of notes is completed.

As a result, and regardless of the outcome of ongoing negotiations concerning Gibraltar’s relationship with the EU:
• Gibraltar driving licences of visitors to Spain will continue to be recognised in Spain, without the need for Gibraltar driving licences to be accompanied by International Driving Permits.
• For those holders of Gibraltar driving licences resident in Spain, Gibraltar driving licences may be exchanged without the need to take a practical or theory test in Spain.
• Gibraltar licence holders resident in Spain will have their licences recognised in Spain for 6 months, either from the date this Agreement begins to apply if you are already resident in Spain, or if you move to Spain after this date, from the date you obtain residence.