In my Opinion by F. Oliva

The once in a lifetime image of Chief Ministers Fabian Picardo and his predecessor Sir Peter Caruana, driving up the new Kingsway tunnel road in their respective G1 cars, and later jointly announcing the project’s completion, is a potent symbolic representation of huge domestic significance. 

History is punctuated by seminal moments, landmarks of transition or change to a better place, encapsulated in a photograph that remains for posterity as a vivid reminder of a unique occasion; that of Moratinos, Miliband and Sir Peter in the Upper Rock during the Tripartite Forum comes to mind. Now, Picardo and his hitherto irreconcilable electoral adversary, standing shoulder to shoulder celebrating a shared moment of belated achievement: the subtext proclaiming to anyone caring to listen, that Gibraltar benefits when its best political and legal actors work together, pragmatically, in pursuit of a common goal.