On the pleasures of writing


“I hope that we continue our uncharted course in life through to the next life. My chosen career means less to me than the `soul mates` one meets on this journey called life; meetings and partings and the space between, is us.”

This was part of what was written on a goodbye note to me after a production had finished, and which I have kept all these years. I have kept it for two reasons; one because it reminds me of how lucky I have been in life to have come across some very special people; and secondly, because it reminds me of how precious the written word is, particularly when written on the back of a well-chosen card. When you form part of a big company like in Musicals, or a big theatrical production, it is customary for actors to dedicate cards to each other at the beginning of a production wishing each other well, or at the end, when your paths may never cross again, and you wish to say things you may not have said before. Letters are like a written performance. This brings to mind so many things.