Youth Arts Jamboree

A cultural development jamboree dedicated to young people, has been announced for February and March. 

The activities offered in the programme are all geared for children and young people aged between 4 and 24 years old. The Jamboree will be held from the 12th February to the 10th March 2018.

Activities will include the reintroduction of school visits to the historic City Hall, led by Her Worship the Mayor Kaiane Aldorino Lopez, and a poetry jam led by Tanya Santini and Jonathan Teuma.

Other events will include the established art, dance and music competitions as well as the World Book Day celebrations.

The Jamboree will culminate with a Youth Open Day organised by GCS and the Gibraltar Youth Service. The Open Day will be a cultural and youth providers fair where organisations can highlight what they can offer our youth. Some of these will include: the Scouts Movement, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Childline, the Gibraltar National Dance Organisation, Gibraltar Academy for Music and Performing Arts and the Gibraltar Museum. The Open Day will also involve youth performances and interactive workshops. The organisers are very grateful to Gibtelecom for sponsoring part of the event.

The Minister for Culture and Youth, the Hon Steven Linares, commenting on the launch, said: ‘It gives me great pleasure to present the full and varied development programme that has been produced by Gibraltar Cultural Services with the support of the Gibraltar Youth Service. The aim of the Jamboree is to invest in young people, to get more of our youth involved in the community, give them a voice and in turn celebrate their achievements.

‘It is imperative that we invest in our youth so that we can have more young people in cultural activities and that as a community, we can celebrate young people’s artistic and cultural achievements.

‘I look forward to the participation of many of our youth in this unique Jamboree.’2 CEO Designate at Gibraltar Cultural Services, Seamus Byrne, said: ‘GCS are delighted to be able to present this development programme for the Government. We hope that this is the start of a cultural revolution that will ensure we create cultural awareness amongst our youth, so that we produce the cultural, youth and heritage leaders of the future.

‘We need more young people involved in photography, fine arts, drama, architecture and many other genres of the Humanities spectrum. GCS believes that the Youth Arts Jamboree initiative, will become a very important development programme for Gibraltar, as it will provide a platform that will contribute to our community’s cultural growth.

For any enquiry please contact Gibraltar Cultural Services, Events Department, on telephone 20067236 or email: