Demise of Multi-Story Million Pound Car Park

Leo Olivero
Demise of Multi-Story Million Pound Car Park

In September 2010 the then Chief Minister, Peter Caruana, on the opening of the Multi-Story and Multi-Million pound car park at Devils Tower Rd said:

 “this major project represents a centrepiece of the Government’s extensive range of parking projects and schemes to provide parking facilities and to tackle, head on, Gibraltar’s historic parking problems, as we said that we would do and as is outlined in the Government’s Integrated Traffic & Parking Plan”.

It has to be said, that at the time ‘aesthetically’ the building as such, did not receive many rave reviews as it was considered a ‘multi-story monstrosity’. However, as the modern saying goes, ‘it does what it says on the tin’, it is and remains a parking repository for vehicles and assists in alleviating, to a degree, traffic congestion and the historical parking problem.

Now fast forward, not even eight years down the road. This so-called centrepiece of someone’s parking project is today a shadow of its former self. The building has been allowed to dilapidate and fall into disrepair and into a run down, shabby, embarrassing and in places, even dangerous state if one applies ‘health and safety’ regulations. In fact, it’s a disgusting eye sore in places.

Public Approach Panorama with Concerns

A number of concerned regular and daily users of the car park, mostly residents in the area, approached Panorama to complain that in the last two years in particular they have lodged complaints, sent emails and letters to Gibraltar car parks CEO Mr Felipes and even to the pertinent Minister, expressing their concern as to the state of the building, but no action at all has been taken.