Leo Olivero

Gibraltar for as long as anyone living today can remember has always been a source of contention between the UK and Spain. In fact, the diplomatic conflict goes back many decades, even before today’s pre-Brexit modern day political scenario. Where I’m glad to report, Gibraltar is now dividing Spanish politics. This gives some credence to the well-known phrase ‘Divide and Conquer.’ 

Spanish Politics Drawing up Opposing Positions over Gibraltar

It’s fascinating how a huge political milestone like Brexit can change, or even skew, the manner in which history has recorded events.

A classic example of the latter point has to be the on-going Europe-wide political issues of the moment ‘Brexit’ especially the Gibraltar dimension and where Spanish politics is directly concerned.

Brexit has changed the Spanish political dynamics towards Gibraltar, this, whether the Spanish government admit to it or not, the right and left of Spanish politics are already taken opposing positions relating to Gibraltar, as I will explain later.

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