What Sanchez is hoping for

Carmen Gomez

From Carmen Gomez Diary

Once the UK is out of the way, Pedro Sanchez hopes that the EU will swing behind its 300 years old claim to recover sovereignty over the Rock. But his particular flirting with foreign policy has left those in Brussels uneasy. His last minute daredevilry, regarded by all as domestic political policy, should not in their view, have put into jeopardy a 3 hour choreographed morning; they were not impressed. 

Apparently I read that Garcia-Berdoy, the Spanish representative to the EU, a supposed diplomat, angry about the way things were unfolding, shouted at his German counterpart, comparing British sovereignty over Gibraltar to the Soviet Union’s creation of East Germany.

“Perdio los papeles” in other words. The EU some say, is fed up with Spain’s posturing and ill-conceived initiatives. It appears that Pedro Sanchez is throwing caution to the wind and going for broke. As if they were a world power, he tells Brussels that Spain has to deliver its role; suggesting a place at the EU top table alongside Germany and France. He boldly tells that it can step up to the plate!

This of course is reminiscent of the Charter of Empire drawn up by fascists in its day, which included a demand for Spain to have a preeminent place in Europe.