Strict rules for use of electric scooters

The Government says it has been closely monitoring developments worldwide, and particularly within Europe, in relation to the recent proliferation of personal electric transporters, especially electric scooters. The appearance of this technology on roads, public areas and pavements has seen countries, cities and municipalities grappling to understand and, indeed, decide how to legislate and regulate for these devices.

 Indeed, some countries have started to report injuries as a result, some very serious and even fatal in nature.

HMGoG has been conducting its own extensive internal review and while we continue to examine how other cities, towns and jurisdictions tackle this matter, with Christmas fast approaching, HMGoG wishes to emphasise that, above all else, the safety of the road-user, pedestrian and members of the public will be of utmost priority.

To this end, persons thinking of purchasing any sort of personal electric transporter for themselves or as a gift should take careful note that the said review could lead to strict regulation and potential prohibition of these devices, in part, or in its entirety. A process of public consultation will soon commence in order to gauge opinion on this very important matter.

In the interim period, and with a view of bringing about some necessary order, HMGoG will in due course be publishing by way of regulations, strict rules for the use of these devices. These rules will include but may not be limited to, conditions for permitted use.