More than words from May needed to protect our sovereignty!

Leo Olivero

At the start of the five-day withdrawal debate proper, Theresa May in her opening intervention again made reference to Gibraltar referring to the EU Summit, she said, “right at the end, when Spain tried to make a move on Gibraltar, I stood firm and protected Gibraltar’s sovereignty. That is why the Chief Minister of Gibraltar has said that no friend of Gibraltar should vote this deal down”. 

Again wonderful words to hear if you are a Gibraltarian, however, someone, may be the Governor of Gibraltar, who keeps a low undercover profile down at the Convent when it comes to these important issues and never speaks a word, should send Mrs May a message, ‘that although we really appreciate all the assurances on Sovereignty at all these top political venues. The Governor should emphasis to the PM that sovereignty protection involves much more then a play of words to suit a political moment. It actually has to happen for real, out at sea where Sovereignty is really at play.

Ironically on Tuesday, as May was making her latest Gibraltar ‘we will protect your sovereignty assurances’ from the commons dispatch box. Back on the Rock and out in BGTW or ‘Sovereignty Ground Zero’ Gibraltar was once again under Spanish sovereignty invasion’ by the Spanish military forces ‘with no or little protection from the UK’s Her Majesty’s Government’.

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