Opposition have jumped the gun over car park criticism

The Opposition parties have jumped the gun in their misinformed criticism of the Government over the creation of new parking spaces under the new school projects. They are so eager to compete with each other in their rush to be negative about everything that the Government does that they simply have no regard for the facts. 

A Government statement adds: There has, for instance, been some criticism that car parking spaces have been offered for sale and not for rental. This an incredible assessment to make given that the very advert that announced the sales states very clearly that there will be some parking offered for rental and that those spaces will be released at a later date. This makes it very difficult to take them seriously as they simply do not appear to have read the information that is already available and in the public domain.


Moreover, the allocation of 258 spaces for sale inside the car park, with the additional spaces to rent, means that over 250 vehicles will no longer require on-street parking once they move into the new facility. This will make it easier for everyone else who does not want to buy or to rent a parking space as there will be more spaces available for free elsewhere.