Leo Olivero
GDP Officers Fear Reprisals in New Twist in Long Running Internal Problems


Panorama understands there is a serious concern once again with members of the Gibraltar Defence Police who are alarmed that two senior officers, who are two of four GDP officers suspended in March this year involving certain incidents and allegations after a review of the force commissioned by ‘Joint Forces Command in the UK’ are about to return to duty after disciplinary charges were reduced and is we understand the two senior officer are to be reinstated and returning to duty. 

The New CBF, who must still be gently feeling himself into his new working role in life was obviously lumbered with a nasty unfinished badly managed and high profile internal problem although one of public interest regarding this long running rift going back years between members of the Defence Police (GDP) and MOD including the mess his predecessor left behind!

Commander British Forces Commodore Tim Henry took up his appointment in September from Commodore Mike Walliker who cleverly left Henry this serious outstanding internal matter to sort out. A story in fact Panorama has followed and reported on in various editions.

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