Spanish sovereignty motion which PANORAMA disclosed yesterday now passed in the Spanish Senate

As disclosed in PANORAMA yesterday, the Spanish Senate has considered a motion calling for a joint sovereignty deal for Gibraltar. Voting on the motion has now taken place and it has been approved by 139 votes in favour, 94 against and four abstentions. 

The motion was presented by the PP and was firmly rejected by the Nationalist groups the Basque PNV and the Catalan ER for not taking into account the people of Gibraltar or allowing them to express themselves.

The PSOE defended the negotiations and agreements that have been secured in the Brexit process, arguing that Gibraltar will have more obligations and there will be a more equal relationship than before the Protocols (Memorandums of Understanding) were signed.

Details of the motion were provided in Panorama yesterday, which apart from the sovereignty advance for Spain, would also include double nationality, self-government and a local fiscal regime based on EU directives.