Unite Wrong About Piazza, says Govt

The Government says it has taken note, with regret, of the belligerent statements made by Unite the Union in relation to its planned event of Saturday 22nd December, in addition to those comments regarding sub-contracted workers. 

The statements from Unite are misleading and inaccurate. Unite the Union have conflated an administrative error with the ghosts of their suspicion and conspiracy theories, where they believe the Government are trying to undermine their efforts in relation to sub-contracted workers. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The Government adds: The reality is that during the festive season, the Piazza area is in high demand by charity organisations, clubs and associations, and this year has been no exception. As a result, the 22nd December - the weekend before Christmas - had been allocated and confirmation issued to another organisation prior to Unite the Union’s request, a regrettable administrative error, of which they were informed.

A subsequent date has been or will be agreed for Unite to be use the Piazza or any other area. In any event, the Union is free to continue to organise an event this Saturday. They just can't use the central Piazza area, which is given up for a more "festive" event.