Joint Sovereignty: What nonsense from Spain, says Chief Minister

In the Gibraltar parliament yesterday, the Chief Minister addressed directly the question of the motion of the Spanish Senate urging the Government of the Kingdom of Spain to put the issue of Joint Sovereignty to the United Kingdom. PANORAMA was first to expose this matter. 

"I think it is important we put on record the unanimous position of the People, Parliament and Government of Gibraltar," Mr Picardo said and added:

First of all, it is nonsense to suggest that matters relating to the Sovereignty of Gibraltar should be raised with the United Kingdom, given the clear and unequivocal position of the UK in respect of the double-lock.

And the People, Parliament and Government of Gibraltar are not going to unlock the double-lock.

But secondly, and more seriously, I think it is important that we should send a clear and unequivocal message to anyone in Spain who thinks that there is any chance that any proposal for Spanish sovereignty over Gibraltar will ever prosper.

In particular, given the return to influence of the not missed Mr Margallo and his ideas, let us be very clear.

Gibraltar will not waiver.We will not soften. We will not ripen.

He went on: "And that message unfortunately appears to have to be delivered in a way that is inordinately clear – otherwise it doesn’t appear to get through.

So, I was clear that Mr Jose Manuel Garcia Margallo should ‘wake up and smell the coffee,’ because Gibraltar is never going to be Spanish.

"When he pressed, I told him clearly that the answer was ‘no way, Jose’.

"Now we see a resurgence, in particular but not exclusively from the Spanish right wing, of the idea of Joint Sovereignty.

"I think that there is no depth of understanding in any political party in Spain of how foolish this notion is.

"Gibraltarians are not going to change their minds.

We are not going to be bribed with access to the EU market.

"We are not going to be bribed with any sweet or reward.

"We are not going to be cajoled by any threat or action.

"Can they please get it into their heads in all of the political factions in Spain?

"Can they just please forget it.

"Because as the current Spanish Minister for Europe, Snr Marco Aguiriano, recently said in one of his interventions before one of Select Committees in Madrid, the fact is that if the question of

Sovereignty or Joint Sovereignty is put to us Gibraltarians, we will not have the discussion. We will close our files and leave the room.

"There will be no discussion to be had.

"I commend Snr Aguiriano’s understanding to all his parliamentary colleagues.

"Because our 96% vote for remain should not be misinterpreted by anyone to be a vote to chose Europe above Britain.

"That would never be our position."