Government Highly Commends Clubhouse Gibraltar

Government Highly Commends Clubhouse Gibraltar

Clubhouse Gibraltar is a well-known charity, which support members of the community, and their loved ones, who live with mental health conditions. The non-profit organisation was first registered in Gibraltar in 2011. Their philosophy is that everyone can recover sufficiently from serious mental illness to lead satisfying lives. 

A Government statement adds:

The charity offers individuals who live with, or have suffered from, mental health difficulties with wide-ranging support, from assisting them in every day needs to offering one-to-one support from one of their qualified mental health professionals. Support in employment, health, education and housing matters is also offered, as well as a wide range of programmes to encourage a work-ordered day and social integration. Clubhouse’s aim is for people who live with a mental health illness to participate in their own recovery process by working and socialising together in a safe and nurturing environment. Clubhouse is a non-profit organisation and relies on grants, donations and fund raising.

To coincide with Mental Health Week 2019, Clubhouse hosted their Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 14th May at the John Mackintosh Hall. The Minister for Health, Care and Justice, Neil F. Costa attended and addressed those gathered. Minister Costa highly commended Clubhouse’s invaluable contribution towards mental health services in the community.

Further, the allocation of new premises, at the Gladys Perez Centre in Main Street, signifies an important milestone for Clubhouse Gibraltar. It is expected that the new premises will provide an excellent therapeutic environment. The ongoing works at the Gladys Perez Centre are expected to be completed by 30th September of 2019.

Emily Adamberry Olivero, CEO for Clubhouse Gibraltar, said: “I am really pleased and appreciative that the Government has not only recognised the invaluable work that we do, but that they are also providing invaluable support as we approach a gigantic milestone in our developmental journey. This means a lot to us and to many others who are struggling in the Community who will benefit greatly from this. THANK YOU.”

Minister Costa added: “The work Clubhouse Gibraltar carry out is truly admirable. They provide persons in our community with mental health conditions, and their loved ones, with professional and compassionate care when they need it most. I cannot thank enough Emily Adamberry Olivero, and her excellent team, for their excellent work. I think Clubhouse Gibraltar represents the spirit of our community, offering compassionate care and support to those who need it. The extra tier of support which Clubhouse provides, to complement the services provided by our excellent mental health teams at the GHA, is truly invaluable. It is, therefore, my pleasure to reaffirm this Government’s unwavering commitment to Clubhouse. I very much look forward to continue working with them.”