Rise in illegal Incursions and Fishing a Measure of Spanish Left Friendliness

Leo Olivero

Proof of this, is the very obvious and significant increase in illegal incursions by Spanish State vessels. Just this weekend alone, there were three unlawful invasions into BGTW. Of course, as most people who regularly read Panorama would know, none of this is helped by the MOD who are hopeless in stopping them, not helped by totally miserable and pathetic FCO Spanish policy on Gibraltar. 

A similar serious situation is further aggravating Gibraltar’s position by our very own enforcement of BGTW. This again is just as pathetic and only benefits the Spanish cause and not our own as a nation defending what is ours. I am referring to the Spanish free-for-all and illegal fishing in BGTW and shameful manner this is being allowed to be policed never mind enforced...But more on that to come SOON!

The only one sure thing or positive news last week in a ‘this is really going to happen moment” was when Theresa May emotionally said good bye with the shiny No 10 front door illuminating the back of her red for the day resignation dress.

The British Prime Minister set off another period of political conflict in London. One that will drag the UK into further political deadlock and division and will again suck-in Gibraltar for another important and vital period of time, one, that this time Gibraltar can seriously do without.

Because not only can the Rock not afford it, but we also have the little thing of our elections to think about, prepare and properly and effectively analyze those many important none-Brexit issues affecting many in our Community!!!