Danger of a Police Commissioner who does not understand that Spain has a permanent claim to our homeland

Talking point

The danger for Gibraltar is that the Commissioner of Police appears to be living in cloud cuckoo land and does not understand that Spain has a permanent claim to our homeland, and hence, they cannot be treated as one would treat other countries. 

An article circulated by the RGP says that Gibraltarian police officers have undertaken operational duties as far afield as North and South America and the Caribbean - but no country in North and South America and the Caribbean claims Gibraltar.

But Spain has a permanent claim to the sovereignty of Gibraltar, and that's the difference, and why the RGP must do nothing that can further such a claim on our homeland - unless they want a Spanish Gibraltar, which one assumes they do not.

So, Mr McGrail must wake up and face the reality of the situation and stop playing police games that could well endanger Gibraltar and its people.

Instead of sending policemen to Spain, in a politically naive move, he should join the rest of Gibraltar to combat the Spanish territorial claim and not weaken the position of Gibraltar in a matter as vitally important as a permanent territorial claim, because if such a claim were to succeed, the Royal Gibraltar Police might well cease to exist and Gibraltar would be controlled by the Guardia Civil and the Policia Nacional, doesn't Mr McGrail understand this?

Virtually all of Gibraltarians have long been fighting the Spanish claim to our homeland, for the Commissioner to adopt a sectarian attitude that could well threaten Gibraltar's long-held position.

Surely, there must be many within the RGP itself who disagree with him, thus he might well be creating divisions within he RGP itself - let alone the rest of Gibraltar.

And what is laughable is that the propagandistic article circulated by the RGP is headed "The RGP at the core of international police cooperation", which must be a joke when he claims that the RGP needs another 50 policemen because they cannot even patrol the streets of Gibraltar, let alone the world.

And if he claims to be so active worldwide, will he be sending the extra 50 police on world tours as if that was his responsibility, and not concentrating properly to preserve law and order in Gibraltar iself, which is his patch of responsibility.

Mr McGrail, if you want to help Gibraltar and its people, join a campaign to demand that Spain forthwith drops its archaic and illegal claim to British Gibraltar and in the meantime provide a proper police service in Gibraltar.