GGCA at 120th anniversary of GFTU

GGCA at 120th anniversary of GFTU

Last week, Wendy Cumming, President of the GGCA, and Gloria Ellul, member of the GGCA Executive Committee, attended the Biennial General Meeting of the General Federation of Trade Unions (‘GFTU’) on the occasion of their 120th anniversary. 

As the GGCA is a recent affiliate, the President was asked to address the floor by way of introduction, together with two other recent affiliate unions, Voice and PDA. The GGCA President also attended an Executive Committee meeting where the candidature of the GFTU President and Vice President was voted on. Mr Oshor Williams and Mr Ron Baker were elected President and Vice President of the GFTU.

The GGCA representatives were able to attend various talks from MPs and other guest speakers, and voted in all the motions presented to the affiliates, on a wide range of issues, amongst them domestic violence and its effects in the workplace, privatization and mental health.

The GGCA representatives also attended a Parliamentary Evening in Portcullis House in celebration of the GFTU’s 120th anniversary, where they had the opportunity to meet Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Labour Party. They were pleased to have the opportunity to raise with him the negative effect Brexit will have on workers in Gibraltar.

*Thanks to Ade Marsh photography for the photos of the event.