Commissioner of Police projects a confused policing philosophy

Leo Olivero

We are not yet clear at Panorama what kind of vision for the future policing of Gibraltar the Commissioner of Police sold the Governor, Gibraltar Police Authority or the Government of Gibraltar who last week announced it would be investing into 50 additional police officers from public funds. 

Policing is an essential, but very expensive service where value for money is vitally important and why the method and policing philosophy adopted is essential. This must be understood and made clear for all to see. A policing style, in not only keeping Gibraltar safe, but also ensuring that the public here in Gibraltar are really getting what they are paying for in value for money and not shared with half the world!

If readers had heard or read the RGP’s public statement last week, you would by justified in questioning just what kind of policing philosophy the Police Commissioner Ian McGrail has put in place for Gibraltar.

We are now acutely aware after Commissioner issued a banner headline promotional type article titled “at the core” of international police cooperation” which came across as a publicity profile-raising stunt and a no more than a petulant naive response to public criticism after a group of RGP officers had taken part or were present in a Guardia Civil anti-drugs searches somewhere over the border in Spain, it matters not where.

The Commissioners intention it seems, was all about defending his decision rightly or wrongly to send officers to Spain. Although without knowing the merits of the case in question and how the local police cooperation was so vital when 300 Guardia Civil officers also took part in the same operation, its difficult to draw any positive conclusions why local officers were deemed present or necessary!

Commissioner Public Lecture on Merits of Cross Border Policing

Instead the Commissioner gave us all a lecture into the merits of cross border or international police cooperation, as if this was something he had just discovered and was novel to Gibraltar, or as if the people of Gibraltar in these technological times where live news is on tap 24/7 did not know or were aware that ‘crime knows no frontiers’. Apart from the fact that Gibraltar is a frontier town and would know all about frontier crime and the many ways it manifest itself, even by the Guardia Civil who themselves create, allow and leave the old and infirm, young kids and babies hours on end in the height of the summer to roast inside vehicles crossing the border. So there’s one classic ‘ Cross Frontier Crime’ easily forgotten!