Record surplus expected in Budget today

50 years after we were condemned by the Spanish Government to fall like a ripe fruit, it is expected that Gibraltar will instead declare a record surplus, when the Chief Minister announces the Budget today. 

The Spanish campaign consisted of one restriction after another, leading to the full frontier closure.

As a result, the Chief Minister is expected to declare higher revenue than ever and expenditure more under control than in any previous year in his time in office.

He will declare higher numbers of people at work, and lower unemployment, than ever before in our history.

This will also be reflected in growth in GDP terms meeting - one year ahead of their prediction - the targets set out by the GSLP Liberals at the time of the last General Election.

Additionally, the Chief Minister is expected to be able to announce that Net Debt has fallen again.

And all of this despite the Brexit challenge which has afflicted the economy.

The public will now be waiting to see what are the 'goodies' flowing from such a rosy Budget.

The Budget session begins at 10.00am.