Are foreign lotteries illegal in Gibraltar?

Are foreign lotteries illegal in Gibraltar?

A reader came to our office with an advertisement from a firm in Gibraltar called 'Lottoland' which was selling lottery tickets for the Euromillions lottery. The question was: Are foreign lotteries illegal in Gibraltar? 

So, we put the question to the Government, and came the following answer:

"A non-remote lottery is unlawful unless it is? (a) a government lottery; (b) a lottery of a description specified in Schedule 2; or (c) a lottery promoted by a person who is the holder of a lottery promoter’s licence.

"Section 17 of the Gambling Act 2005 gives the Minister extensive powers to prescribe the conditions for a Government Lottery (including the conditions for selling agents).

"Schedule 2 of the Gambling Act also prescribes the conditions for “scheduled” lotteries which are small lotteries incidental to certain entertainments. These lotteries must generally be of a charitable nature and conditions apply. Organisers of such lotteries have to apply to the Gambling Division for approval. In addition there are regulations and a permitting system for charitable activity taking place in certain designated public areas of Gibraltar.

"It is an offence in Gibraltar to carry out a number of acts in connection with the organisation of an unauthorised non remote lottery such as print tickets, bring tickets into Gibraltar or send money out of Gibraltar which are the proceeds of a lottery.

"The Gambling Division is not responsible for the operation of the Government Lottery, but it does regulate the wider lotteries legislation and where breaches or potential breaches come to its attention, then it does engage with organisers and would prosecute for flagrant breaches. Sweepstakes on sporting events in public places with cash prizes constitute pool betting and are not permitted."


Lottoland has sent the following: To clarify, Lottoland allows you to place a bet on over 30 lotteries world-wide, you are not playing the lottery you are betting on the underlying lottery.
*PANORAMA has launched an investigation into this matter and once all factors come in we will revert to say whatever needs saying.