Disability Society and Budget

The Gibraltar Disability Society welcomes the announcement in the Budget Speech by the Chief Minister allowing businesses to claim a deduction equal to the expenditure for works that are carried out to improve inclusion and access up to a maximum of £15,000. Hopefully this will encourage businesses to make the right changes to their properties that will facilitate access for people with disabilities. 

The confirmation of the annual increase in the Disability Benefit and the Disabled Individuals Tax Allowance by the rate of inflation is also welcomed.

The Disability Society also tentatively welcomes the announcement of the review to be undertaken regarding Supported Employment schemes with a view to opening these up and utilising such schemes to provide support and opportunities to those that would otherwise struggle in the competitive employment market.

With the complete failure of the Supported Employment Company Ltd, something the Society has been very vocal about, our wariness is only natural. The fact that the ministry of employment ignored the offer from the Society to give input and advice when the SECL was first started speaks for itself.

Our committee member Mrs Nicole Byrne recently attended the 13th European Union of Supported Employment Conference in Amsterdam. At the AGM of the EUSE Gibraltar was presented as its 21st member country.

The Disability Society would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Nicole Byrne who was welcomed as a representative board member of the EUSE which is a Non-Governmental Organisation established in 1993. With regard to the Governments upcoming review on Supported Employment the Society’s offer of advice and input remains on the table.