Human rights a determining factor in right to life issue!

Leo Olivero

Its safe to say that with the publication by Government of the draft legislation to amend and clarify the law on abortion, this controversial issue will be hotly debated in the run up to the election later in the year.

The recent rally organised by the Pro Life Movement last weekend very much confirms the opening comments and of course the Pro Choice side of the debate feel as strong about the issue from their side of the argument! 

The draft law published earlier in the year will allow legal abortions under certain conditions should Parliament approve the Bill. It followed a wide-ranging process of consultation that received input from a number of groups from both sides of the debate and from a cross-section of the community.

Government has also confirmed that any changes in the law will be matched by health, social and educational support, which is logical as it cannot be any other way!

Need For a Mature Discussion Not Division

No doubt, there needs to be a mature discussion on abortion, even just out of respect for the issue itself which already has caused confusion amongst many people particularly the young and what Gibraltar does not need now is more confusion and division.

I would like to think any debate should be grounded in science not ideology, but I would probably upset those who think differently, which is not my intention!

A mature discussion in book does not mean people who participate in the debate with skewed opinions or with warped and personal agendas, particularly, of the Political Variety who are only after the individual’s vote not people’s liberties. This has happen elsewhere in Europe and beyond, where many political parties around the world have had such agenda’s for decades.

I suspect the abortion issue has never been placed on the legislative table because there are still so a lot people against it.