Picardo pours nearly £8 million of taxpayers money to give GBC this luxury building

Picardo pours nearly £8 million of taxpayers money to give GBC this luxury building

GBC has been knocked on Facebook, reflecting views that many people share.

Charles Roswell writes: "The chief minister Fabian Picardo, who says he is a fan of GBC, is as pleased as Punch in giving GBC this luxury building worth £7.5 million - and GBC's executive officer Gerard Teuma says he is 'thrilled to bits.' 

"The purpose-built accommodation is at South Bastion and it will be rented for £300,000 a year (that's £25,000 per month) with an option to purchase. THE GOVERNMENT WILL FORK OUT THE MILLIONS OF TAXPAYERS MONEY.

"So GBC should be aware that the owners are the taxpayers who are footing the bill. What a waste of £7.5 Million which could be put to a better use, apprenticeships, people in need etc etc."

And Christine Nunez adds: "Hope once this building is finished I hope we get better programmes and less repeats!"

And adds Ian Grech: "People who have a degree in journalism, or are doing one, should get prority and not the typical Gib enchufe."

That's what people think. Indeed, the few hours daily of television are riddled with repeats - even the Newswatch gets repeated!

And the few local programmes can be regarded as being of secondary interest, in fact they follow the same pattern whatever the subject matter - that is, chairs and armchairs where people sit, what a lack of imagination for the millions of pounds taxpayers fork out, as viewers are saying.

The only people who are in love with the money-wasting station appear to be Fabian Picardo and his minister Steven Linares who wasted much of his Budget time trying to defend the indefensible, such as saying that 'the selection of TV programmes offered nowadays by GBC is a far cry from those that were on our screens just a few years ago" - which is an insult of the great work produced by GBC staff since its inception and at great odds, with a lack of facilities and yet drawing the viewers, which is not the case nowadays.

Yet, as Linares admits: Since 2013, this Government has provided GBC with the much-needed additional resources for them to improve the variety and qualtiy of both its local and international programmes."

What nonsense uttered from Linares' big mouth - spending money for what? And yet denying money to well-deserving causes. What a shame.

And GBC has as many as 80 staff!

What a carry on.

Shouldn't there be resignations?