Carmen Gomez

The EU; an organisation which we had held in high regard and notions of upstanding Europeans, with the highest set of values and principles; much to our chagrin, we have found out that it’s no more ethical than an Old Boys Network! As the French politician Djordre Kuzmanic puts it “those who believe in Democracy should aim at tearing the EU down, not reforming it!” 

Whilst Peter Jezek; the member of Parliament who saw how Claude Moraes, whose role was to represent MEP`s views on draft legislation, had his position systematically attacked for not supporting the footnote describing Gibraltar as a colony, and was finally pushed out due to Spanish pressure; believed that no member state should make inappropriate political gains at the expense of another. His last words were ominous i.e. “This is just the beginning.”


As he no doubt feared, the recent elections at the EU, have been conducted in the style of “a backroom deal” and not by the European Parliament as has been customary. There was no spirit of compromise at the summit. What there was instead was Macron, and the fruit of a profound Franco German covenant.

It was Borrell himself who in conversation with Jose Ignacio Torreblanca ahead of the European elections, said that in his view, Spain could round up the Franco- German partnership, because he believed it needed a third party; a ménage a trois; a third force that could bring added momentum. President Macron as we all know recently welcomed the Spanish Premiere for a debrief during which no doubt he managed to bring Spain over to his side in trying to break the fifty year predominance of the conservative bloc in the EU Commission, by having Pedro Sanchez side with him to thwart Weber’s European Commission bid. At which time we imagine that Macron returned the favour by having Josep Borrell`s candidacy put forward for the post he has been nominated for. This naturally has prompted Pedro Sanchez to utter the words “Spain is back.”

It has not taken long to discover why, a man who has a reputation for being anything but diplomatic; who in the past has been accused of insider trading; a sympathiser of Iran; a man who felt no reservation in saying that all the Americans had to do was “kill four Indians”; a man who is unable to conduct himself with basic courtesy on interviews and has a habit of shooting off his mouth; has been appointed head of European diplomacy. Someone, of whom one of his colleagues at the European University Institute and professor of United Nations studies, has described as “a fine example of ineffectual corrupt and empty leadership.”

This man is Josep Borrell, who has been appointed the EU High Representative for foreign affairs and security policy; something which needs approving of course. If approved he will be able to have at his disposal an annual budget of 14 million Euros plus 4,000 employees.

Not well received

Curiously enough, his appointment has not been well received, and not just by a few. His nomination has the air of something staged. The thing is that he is set to replace Federica Mogherini, who happens to have the same likes and dislikes as himself i.e. she also stubbornly supported the Iran nuclear deal and is pro Palestinian. This appointment has naturally greatly upset Israel, where she was an unpopular figure. Jerusalem is much disappointed with the news, but they are not alone, as concerns have been raised across Europe, including Germany, France and even in Spain. There is a general consensus that this is just a taste of the diplomatic fall out which could take place if the EU does not heed warnings, as he is looked upon as a loose cannon. In fact a hash tag has been created by lawyer and former UN rapporteur on human rights, Ben Emmerson; with Native American writers and activists joining the campaign, who share concerns raised due to his support for the incarceration of elected politicians in Catalonia, despite UN condemnation.


I see in all this as a positive note for us. I was not aware that Josep Borell was not well liked or respected in political circles outside of Spain; and perhaps this may be our chance to take advantage of this situation in order to remind everyone out there, in very strong terms; the US included; that we too count! That this person who no one trusts or likes, is the very same who is trying to make life bloody difficult for us by finding ways of putting our wellbeing in danger!

Who is trying to stifle the progress of a small but proud and hardworking nation; who as it turns out has done much and continues to do more towards Andalucía’s wellbeing. If they don’t care for him, neither do we! This is someone who in 2004 as newly elected president of the EU parliament, spoke of his tremendous passion for Europe and democracy.

He now prefers a political union and has said not to care for democracy. As soon as the news of the capture of the tanker “Grace I” was out and that Gibraltar was involved, he immediately seized on that; saying this was an illegal action which had taken place in Spanish waters; totally untrue of course. But see how quiet he has gone when it transpires that Iran may retaliate in some form or other. The man is an opportunist!

Let us try and get some political mileage out of this present controversy, to further insist to the UK Government, that they must find a way forward to create a much stronger position for us, from where they themselves can resist dilly dallying with Spanish representatives who don’t have our best interests at heart.