Tanker issue way over our heads

Leo Olivero

There’s no way of whitewashing, downplaying or making the current security situation any less intimidating, then what I believe, is the current situation, where the Gibraltar public have often, not just now, been misled where ‘Security Threat Levels’ are concerned. Particularly in the last two weeks or since the Grace 1 Iranian tanker came into our lives.

Brutally put there is no doubt ‘the most significant threat facing Gibraltar today comes from international terrorism’ and if anyone cannot understand that, then they have been living under a rock for the last two weeks and much before!

Treats of have been coming in thick and fast since the operation to capture Grace 1 tanker on the 4 July when the Iranian vessel was boarded in BGTW in a carefully planned armed assault. Where initially the vessel was seized on suspicion of breaking EU sanctions by taking crude oil to Syria

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