Los estrellazos del Rock Hotel

Los estrellazos del Rock Hotel

I say Cloti dear, how many stars does the Rock Hotel have?

No se, what I know es que esta estrellado.

Blimey, what have you found out?

Well, there was a big event the other evening, and at one point every person had a plate of soup in front - all except one. They forgot!

What a cachonfinger, que disorganisation.

Indeed, the kind of thing that you would expect to happen in a 2-star hotel, I presume!

Un estrellazo!

And that's not all, when the guests were arriving for the dinner, some were looking at the seating plan when along comes someone from staff and with the speed of lightning takes the table plan from the eyes of the beholders, que te parece?
Oh dear, dear me. I hope that was all...

Well, it wasn't, someone was delivered a pot of tea but the water was cold instead of hot, how about that?
Gosh, and how do you get to know about all of these goings-on?

Bueno, ya sabes, people say que I seem to have a secret radar en plan drone, y me se va bien poco of this and that.
And what do you say of the military training inside the tunnels of the Rock, with guns and all, as if it
was the real thing.

A lo mejor they are getting ready in case anything goes haywire, porque el mundo es un sin vivir, caramba.

Oh well, let's keep our eyes open even when asleep, that's what my darling husband always says.

And that's what we all say!