Is it legal for the Guardia Civil to accompany the RGP when conducting a search?


James Wahnon in social media:

Man arrested on suspicion of money laundering in the presence of the Guardia Civil.

Just read this in Panorama and I am a bit puzzled! 

We argued against the joint use of the airport and one of the reasons was that Spain wanted the presence of their law enforcement agencies in the terminal. Now we allow them to accompany our law enforcement agencies when conducting searches in Gibraltar! 

Officers of the Guardia Civil Organo de Coordination de Operacion de Narcotrafico Sur de Espana (OCON-SUR), were present during some of the searches on a non-operational basis.

On a non operational basis! I totally agree with cooperation, obviously when it’s reciprocated, both ways but this is becoming a joke.

Is it legal for anyone in a non operational capacity to accompany the RGP when conducting a search in a business or personal dwelling in Gibraltar?

I am not a lawyer but common sense I think should dictate that when a warrant to enter a premises is issued it authorises our law enforcement agencies and not any one who wants to accompany them!!