The Health Centre

Carmen Gomez
The Health Centre

How bleak a sight to see people queuing outside the new health centre in bitterly cold weather at 7.30am, as I approached the hospital last Friday morning. No doubt, seeing the length of the queue, they must have started gathering outside the open entrance since 7am, or even earlier, to try and get to see a doctor that day.

I recall having had to wait on numerous occasions, outside the old site in the street, where the Health Centre was, as early as 6am; come rain, or come wind or bitterly cold weather to get an appointment for one of mine when they were in need of a doctor; because they only ever have one or maybe two availabilities for certain doctors in the morning.

I can’t believe that nothing much seems to have changed. If the security people were on site; something that escapes me; they could have been handing out numbered tickets for people to at least take a seat inside, seeing as the centre was open. Why is it so difficult to do something so simple? Why? Is this the way we want to treat our own, particularly our elderly in this day and age?

At the same time I see that names continue to be shouted out by a nurse or a doctor when he or she has to ask for the next patient. In first place they should not have to do this, and secondly, why has an intercom system not been fitted at the new premises. Do we need to do some crowd founding to acquire and install one?

If only some minister would visit the Health Centre without informing anyone beforehand, he could see for himself what I’m talking about!