La cosa no esta mantecosa, my dear

What a long weekend that was, Cloti dear, how did it go for you?
Bueno, Cynthia, I joined the bandwagon and away we went, mi Johnny mas contento as if he had won the loteria, my dear.
I don't know what El Bigote thinks about the society that we live in, will it end up devouring us? 

Bueno, es que El Bigote esta perdiendo his moustache, aunque deep down I don't think que Sir Bossano, with or without bigote, has changed his thinking, don't you think?
Bueno, Cloti dear, you have always been de la izquierda, como El Bigote sin bigote, pero los perdigones are coming de una derecha that is not right, porque parece que our Gibraltar is now un nido de ricachos, throwing money about as if most people had plenty of it to throw about, blimey.