Pro-Gibraltar Foreign Secretary ousted from post in reshuffle

During his visit to Gibraltar earlier this year
During his visit to Gibraltar earlier this year

Dominic Raab has been ousted as Foreign Secretary in a UK Government reshuffle. Raab's demotion to justice minister followed a long meeting with the prime minister on yesterday afternoon. He has however also been appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Lord Chancellor. 

In recent weeks, there was much speculation that he would lose his job. As chief diplomat, Raab faced strong criticism last month for delaying his return from a holiday in Greece as the Taliban took over Afghanistan.
He was regarded as a good friend of Gibraltar. In July he lashed out at the European Union’s plan for a post-Brexit deal for Gibraltar, accusing the bloc of trying to undermine the U.K.’s “sovereignty” over the territory.
Raab said the EU’s draft negotiating mandate was no basis for talks over a long-term solution for the small stretch of land adjoining Spain’s southern tip. The EU’s proposal “directly conflicts” with a temporary agreement struck last year, he said.