Human rights and fundamental freedoms should be birth rights

Human rights and fundamental freedoms should be birth rights

Looking globally at the issue of violence against women in particular; the UN Security Council has the power to act. It can do so by issuing sanctions against a country and including as a reason, sexual violence against women and girls.

(CEDAW )The convention on the elimination of all forms of discriminations against women was signed in 1979, by one hundred and eighty nine countries; although some of those countries have not yet ratified the agreement.

Billed as the “Women’s rights treaty,” it entered into force as an International Treaty in 1981.
Every country is supposed to hand in a four yearly report to prove that they are complying with their obligations, and how they have brought those about. Except not all of them do. It legally binds all state parties to fulfil, protect and respect women`s human rights; this means that states are responsible not just for their own actions, but also for eliminating discrimination. There is evidence to support that it has in some way contributed to increasing women’s enjoyment of the right to equality in many countries, but sadly much remains to be done, as the impact has been variable so far.