Why Is Gibraltar National Football Attendance So Low?

Football fervour on the Rock for the national team has taken a blow in recent matches with attendance figures falling since the Victoria Stadium increased its capacity to 5,000 seats.

The Gibraltar Football Association has struggled to fill the stadium since new stands were constructed, with merely 1,351 fans witnessing the 3-0 home defeat to Montenegro last week. The GFA has blamed the pandemic for the low turnout of support for the nation due to restrictions and vigorous testing putting off many fans from going. Although fans who attended the last three home games were subjected to strict COVID 19 regulations, the downward trend took hold well before the pandemic struck.
Indeed, despite plans to expand to 8,000 seats, the number of fans supporting the national team at the Victoria Stadium has failed to fill half its capacity. Last Friday’s game had an empty and cavernous feel to the ambience at Victoria, whereas in the old days its humble 2,226 spaces would be occupied to the last seat. Has the twelfth man has lost his voice? Or are there other factors at play that may have contributed to the demise in support for Team 54 after a burst of national pride?