World war tunnels would be used to stockpile vital supplies should Brexit talks break down

by PANORAMA reporter
Since he took on the task of ensuring Gibraltar's survival should the Brexit talks collapse and Gibraltar ended with a hard border, the deputy chief minister Dr Joseph Garcia has been busy working out contingency plans.

And it has now emerged that such plans include clearing out world war tunnels to stockpile vital supplies, should the case arise.
In an interview with the Telegraph, he said: “This should increase our storage capacity from something like two days to two months.”
The Rock is a key part of the Gibraltar government’s emergency Brexit plans.
The mountain is honeycombed with 33 miles of tunnels and chambers, some dating back to great sieges of the past, and more than Gibraltar's land mass.
Gibraltarian officials have cleared out some tunnels and vaults to stockpile vital supplies or blocked exports to Spain just in case a deal isn’t reached.
Newspapers galore carried references of the plan to utilise the secret tunnels.