Can holding in gas kill you?

In my opinion by CATHERINE NUZA

For some people when they have to pass wind they do it while others try to hold it in for a more convenient time. Can it kill you if you hold it in too long?

You might’ve gone out for lunch and a good catch up with your mates and decided to go shopping for some bits. The problem arises when the gas in your gut shifts and you are stuck in a long checkout line. Rather than risking the whistle blowing flatulence or nasty aroma you might decide holding it in is the only option you have here.
Some people are gassier than others! This could be mainly due to their gut function and diet. Gas itself only has two ways to escape our bodies, one is to go up and the other is down. While the latter is more embarrassing when in public; a good belch would definitely get you a few stares from passer-by’s too.