Picardo shines before Commons select committee while Azopardi founders on GBC

In my opinion by F. OLIVA

In last week’s fortuitous pre-election bonus, the public was treated to an illustrative and enlightening juxtaposition of styles, depth and content involving the candidates that will soon be battling it out to occupy the hot seat at Number 6: Fabian Picardo currently in post, and Keith Azopardi. 

Picardo had been called to update the European Scrutiny Committee, a hard-line Brexiteer select committee of the House of Commons, on the progress of EU-UK treaty negotiations for Gibraltar’s post-Brexit relationship with Spain and wider Europe. This was like a visit to the dentist, as every single member, a zealous guardian of British sovereignty, was there to cross-examine the Chief Minister, to extract if not teeth, every item of relevant information in relation to immigration, customs and transport arrangements, eager to rebuke and chastise any perceived weakness, concession or flaw in the oral evidence of the person under the spotlight.