This has not been a summer of discontent such as might have blighted our enjoyment of it. It has not really been the silly season either. It has come and gone to now where we find ourselves in the midst of much construction and of wanting change for change`s sake. This is not helpful to our cause which should be our future above everything else. Our situation is fragile, and it cannot be further endangered by those who are seeking personal aggrandisement. 

We have that looming shadow behind us of the fourth largest country in Europe, which even towers above the Levanter. Spain has foiled our plans yet again by halting the flow of the talks, just as it halts the flow of traffic through the frontier, and we are helpless to this. However, they also have their problems as there are already signs of blackmail on the Spanish agenda; “ We won’t make Pedro Sanchez Prime Minister in exchange for nothing” words by M Nogueras of Junts, said after the results that this July have left her party holding the keys to power. Everybody wants something in exchange for something.