We Have Changed as a People

Leo Olivero

Like many other places abroad Gibraltarians have changed as a people. Simply look around and note how our society has developed and increased in size, not just literally or in number, but in land mass with the number of buildings and new developments and others planned, that have transformed Gibraltar in the last 15 or 20 years: 

Yet without any doubt, we have also changed as a people and in many ways!

Astonishingly, in a relatively small period time social development has changed practically all of us. When you think about the speed of social change. Our landscape, skyline and our low level street view have all taken on a different visual form. They say its progress; others think its moving forward and the more strategically minded lot just think it’s all about meeting societal needs!

Linking Economic and Social Objectives to Social Cohesion

Which brings to the point why ‘economic and social development’ must go hand in hand. Since the former would be meaningless without the latter and the latter is not possible without the former (hope readers understood that). Expressed like I have just mentioned, it almost seems like merely stating the obvious, but in practice, the link between economic and social objectives is not always so clear-cut and often ‘lost’ altogether in the debate. In fact, in many situations, economic priorities actually end up being perceived as running counter to social objectives!

In my opinion, it’s important to move away from this false debate (economic versus social objectives) and instead, focus our energy where they are most required. Like identifying, developing and implementing those measures that will secure our long term economic well-being as well as bring about greater social cohesion!

Every society has its problems, ours include, and we often tend to be rather too pessimistic about the state of our society...far too often in my book!