Need for urgent reshuffling in the department?

Dear Sir,

In relation to Mrs Isabella Caruana- Montegriffo's, may I confirm and support every one of the points referred on her letter, notwithstanding there are some more points to cover.

 For example the need to have a paediatrician on duty especially at weekends to attend exclusively children’s avoiding those hours in an uncomfortable adult waiting room.

On the appointment cancellations, I’m 100% with her, with a difference, I’ve been confirmed, sometimes you call to cancel an appointment and no one attends the call, one hour later going to Main St.

You decide to go up in person to cancel the appointment directly, but unexpectedly you get a surprise, the lady on the reception says that the one in charge of cancellations is not available, and my question was, could you do it? Answer; Sorry, but she is the one to deal with cancellations so you have to call again tomorrow, thank you.

Now comes another question, are we in need of an urgent reshuffling on the department?

Yours sincerely