Voice of Gibraltar Group

Dear Sir,

In September 2017 we celebrated the 50th anniversary of our first referendum which took place in September 1967, were the entire Gibraltar population went out to the streets in red and white and enjoyed all the events which were organized by the Gibraltar Government and demonstrated to the rest of the world the unity of us Gibraltarians. 

On this special day we remembered all those who are not with us Anymore which came out in 1967 to vote and celebrate the final results of the referendum.

This is an old story for all of us. but once again we the Voice of Gibraltar Group need to mention this time after time as no action is being taken by the British Government which is as follows The Border Queues, importation of goods, incursions into British Gibraltar waters, we the Voice of Gibraltar Group will like the Government in power to try and look for a radical solution and start bringing any materials which need to be crossed via the border to be transported via other means i.e. by sea and from any other country which is not Spain, like wise for example Morocco which have a very good relationship, and I know very well that the MOD has large stores for all the equipment to be kept and looked after.

Gibraltar was not mentioned in the UK and EU trade talks so there we go again Gibraltar forgotten by the British Government once again, what we Gibraltarians want is for the British Government to take action against anyone who intervenes against Gibraltar. The Voice of Gibraltar Group has had various demonstrations like the one in Brussels and Gibraltar to defend our rights, last action taken was lowering the EU flag via the border entrance.

We the Voice of Gibraltar Group ask the people of Gibraltar if need be to support us on any peaceful demonstrations and the Government in power when it comes to issues that will affect us our children’s and grand children’s future.

Last but not least we congratulate His Excellency the Governor Mr. Davies and the Gibraltar Government for their hard work and positive results to improve Gibraltar in all aspects, in these difficult times and wish you a Merry Christmas And a Happy new year and we the Voice of Gibraltar Group hope that Father Christmas brings all of us a Royal Navy ship to be stationed in Gibraltar to guard our British Gibraltar waters.

J Pons

E Bonfante

Voice of Gibraltar Group