Complicated Political Weather Ahead

Leo Olivero

It has become palpable that the local political pulse beat has started to quicken while the political skies and distant flashes of lightning have whipped up ‘Electoral Gusts on the Horizon’ already starting to blow.

The latter political weather patterns are not forecast to reach gale force locally until some time next year. But such is today’s hectic and confused political landscape, and not just locally but across Europe, that early political gale force storms are likely anywhere and at anytime.

If you need proof to validate the latter comments, gaze at the serious happenings of our political neighbour in the Spanish capital, with similar political turbulence in Italy. Then note what’s brewing on the political scene in the UK, whilst Brussels tries its best to keep a crumbling EU together. Potentially, there are serious ‘political shit-storms’ possible in every direction, indicating a complicated political weather front for the summer months ahead.

From a local perspective, I suspect the people of Gibraltar are used to these winds and gales and have weathered some exceptional storms in the course of history. How would they cope today if one of these imminent storms breaks loose and hits our shores with vengeance? I’m not so sure considering we are not the same people we once were. That’s the worrying aspect.