LNG storage facility

The assessment of the safety report submitted under the provisions of the PHA COMAH process for the LNG storage facility that will supply the new north Mole Power Station, has now been completed. The information required to be provided to the public has now been uploaded on the Environmental Agency website (http://environmental-agency.gi/index.php/news/

This summarises the activities that will take place within the facility, the safety measures in place, and provides advice to the general public, which does not include any residential areas. All businesses and operators within the Public Information Zone (PIZ) have been written to directly by the operator (Shell).

Although the plant is now authorised by the EA as Competent Authority to commence operations, it will be subject to an inspection regime to ensure continued compliance with COMAH requirements.

This is the final step in the extensive process to ensure absolute safety for the site, which is now expected to receive its first consignment of LNG shortly, said Government statement.