The GSD says it has reinforced its policy on carers

Action for Housing welcomes Government’s reaction to last week’s Viewpoint programme which has resulted in an instruction given to the Environmental Health Agency for its inspectors to investigate the dwellings featured in the said programme. 

Also, and as a result of the living conditions shown in the same programme the Housing Department has asked our group to supply a list of the dwellings and tenants affected. This we have done with the understanding that other dwellings and tenants in similar conditions but not covered in the programme will also be inspected.

We are further pleased to learn that Government has instructed the Environmental Health Agency to inspect all those private sector dwellings which are deemed to be sub-standard and not fit for human habitation.

Action for Housing will co-operate with the Environmental Health Agency and the Housing Department to make this long-standing problem known to al the pertinent authorities. We further reiterate that these cases and any others made known to the Housing Department are assessed in the same manner as any other “housing application” and when and where necessary allocated Government accommodation should the standard of their current accommodation deem it necessary.