UK minister highlights Gibraltar at Chinese summit attended by Bossano

Minister Sir Joe Bossano is currently in China participating in the 4th World Emerging Industries Summit at the invitation of Zhengzhou Municipal Government and the Asia Pacific CEO organization [APCEO].

Zhengzhou is the capital city of the Henan region. Although the summit was at regional level, the capital city has 40 million inhabitants with a further 60 million in the rest of the Henan region and would be considered a large country in a European context. 

The theme for this year’s summit is New Dynamic, Fresh Opportunities.

The lead speaker this year is Lord Francis Maude who had a very good relationship with the Gibraltar Government in the 1990s when he was Minister for Europe and Gibraltar. Lord Maude has had since a number of ministerial positions in successive UK governments and has always been a supporter of Gibraltar.

During the session, industrial participants entered into agreements in the field of cutting edge technology to the value of $1.3 billion. This was the result of the holding of the 13th Chinese Henan International Investment and Trade Fair at the same venue which was at-tended by participants from industry.

Minister Sir Joe Bossano participated in all the sessions including the one limited to participating governments. This was a closed-door bilateral session with Chinese participants from the government introduced by the mayor, Wang Xinwei ,and the visiting government delegates introduced by Lord Maude who in his introduction made specific references to Gibraltar and his connection with it over 30 years.