GSD’s Delayed Reaction is as Out of Date as Yellowhammer Report, says Picardo

The Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo, has reacted to the GSD press statement on the Yellowhammer report on pages 3 and 4.
This is his reaction: "I note the delayed reaction of the GSD's unelected Keith Azopardi on the out of date Yellowhammer report published in the Sunday Times.

"First of all, it’s a good thing Gibraltar is not relying on the GSD for Brexit planning, given their delay in reacting to this report.
"Secondly, if Mr Azopardi wants a copy of the latest confidential Yellowhammer report he should ask the UK Government for it. We don't have it. We only prepare the Gibraltar aspects of it.
"Thirdly, our no-deal planning has been led by the Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia. I am confident we have done everything possible for such an eventuality, although I maintain it will not be a bed of roses and the many problems leaving the EU will create cannot be underestimated or indeed resolved by a new arrangement that anyone is able to negotiate.

"The Deputy Chief Minister has met repeatedly with the members of the GSD on the Brexit Select Committee - both formally and informally - and provided considerable detail on no-deal planning and all other aspects of our Brexit work. Perhaps the many rivalries within the divided GSD have prevented them from properly briefing their unelected leader and that is why he displays such a lack of awareness of the huge progress we have made since the very dated report leaked to the Sunday Times.
"Additionally, I am happy for the Civil Service to engage with the GSD as the convention requires. I already confirmed at the last election that I had changed the GSD's improper and wrong policy in that respect. The appropriate persons in the GSD should seek an appointment via the Chief Secretary directly and not via press release.

"Finally, we have repeatedly stated that we are working with the United Kingdom and Spain to address a no-deal situation, especially given how those issues would affect frontier flow, using the MoUs as a non-legally binding basis if there is no Withdrawal Agreement.
"Perhaps as I have made several such statements in Parliament the unelected Mr Azopardi has missed them whilst he has been busy in his legal practice."#