GSLP Liberal’s plans and ideas in the future, in GSLP/Liberal manifesto

The GSLP Liberals yesterday released their chunky manifesto for this year’s general election at a press conference that was streamed on the GSLP’s social media outlets. The manifesto is now online and the printed version will follow. 

The 148 page manifesto, structured firstly with personal messages from GSLP party leader Fabian Picardo and Liberal Party Leader Dr Joseph Garcia, followed by information about all the ministries that all the previous candidates were responsible for and what they had accomplished during that time.

Included also in the manifesto are the GSLP Liberal’s plans and ideas in the future. Mr Picardo mentioned that this will be the last time he will be standing as a candidate for the position of Chief Minister, and reckons that this will be the last election in which paper will be used in political manifestos.

GSLP Party Leader, Fabian Picardo was the first to speak: ‘It’s important that people understand that this election is primarily about the issues that we have to deal with in the international political sphere. It’s about Brexit, It’s about Gibraltar’s economic future in the context of Brexit, but it is also of course about the Gibraltar that we build in the next four years. Every generation is looked after by the GSLP Liberal Programme for Government, and what’s more we’ve demonstrated that we’re serious about that.

‘This manifesto is a manifesto to deliver a green Gibraltar. It’s a manifesto to deliver a Gibraltar that we all want, the Gibraltar that would be the child friendly city of the future. We don’t want a Gibraltar that is not child friendly, we don’t want a Gibraltar that is not sustainable, we don’t want a Gibraltar that is not green. And so when you look at the key issues that we are facing, the political issues in Brexit, the economic issues in Brexit, you have to look at also the overarching quality of life issues and this manifesto will ensure that we deliver a great quality of life for Gibraltarians in the future.’

Liberal Party Leader Dr Joseph Garcia added:

‘It contains 148 pages and it outlines what we’ve done and explains what it is that we’re going to do going forward. If you remember in 2011, our manifesto was being described as too ambitious, and too expensive, and yet we’ve delivered. Brexit covers every angle of what it is that we’re setting out to do. We have the expertise, we have the team, we have a plan to deliver Brexit, to deliver a safe Brexit to the people of Gibraltar. My message is: keep Gibraltar in safe hands.’

Sir Joe Bossano said a few words about Gibraltar’s economic past and his plans for the new national economic plan, which can be seen more in detail in the Manifesto.