Storm on peaceful sunny day at the beach

Two occupants beached their boat on the east side and rushed into Gibraltar; helicopter in the air; incursion of Gibraltar sovereignty; a sea chase.

What was going on in Gibraltar yesterday afternoon? Nobody seemed to know, the RGP was carrying out an investigation!

Government sources were expressing concern. Were Gibraltar's law enforcement half asleep on an otherwise peaceful Sunday afternoon?

A vessel that was abandoned at Eastern Beach was later towed away. Members Of, the public were busy filming what was going on, and what was going on was anything but. Clear. People were saying that there was more than one incident.

The authorities did not know exactly what was going on or did not what to say anything. What emerged., was that an incursion into British waters had taken place - and there may be an air incursion as well.

A person said:` Is Gibraltar secure? Can we be safe in our own beaches; in our own waters?