Award for Bayside School Cyber Club

Award for Bayside School Cyber Club

The Bayside School Cyber Club has been awarded ‘Best Educator’ at the 2019 Seriously Security Awards held in London.

The nomination was made by the chief examiner of a cyber security qualification who had witnessed the work done by the club and its partnership with the technology sector first hand. Over the past five years, students have been taught by industry experts, been on work experience within the sector, gained vocational qualifications and worked as interns at various companies. 

This year sees the first year of the Gibraltar Cyber Challenge, which will be delivered to all year 7 and 8 students at both Comprehensive schools and has been sponsored by the Government of Gibraltar and various private sector companies.

In attendance with Stewart Harrison was Aaron Baw, one of the first members of the club and CyberCenturion winner in 2015, who now works in the cybersecurity industry in UK.

Minister for Education John Cortes, welcoming the news, said, “I am delighted. This team so deserves it. Stewart and his colleagues from Bayside, together with other involved like Lluis Mora and Richard Fadul, and others from the private sector, have done so much to promote digital technology in our young people. In congratulating them I am looking forward at all the other great things they will achieve in our new facilities and with the new opportunities coming up both in the Comprehensives and the Gibraltar College.”