GSD release their manifesto

‘The Future You Deserve’, slogan for the GSD’s 2019 Political Campaign ahead of the General Election appears on the party’s manifesto. 

The 124 page document firstly outlines their core commitments and is organised with displaying a range of relevant themes. Stated first was their Gibraltar 2050 strategy plan, a 30 year plan for planning and development for a ‘long term vision for a sustainable environmental and economic future.’

Among their goals, they are thinking of introducing an ‘enduring commitment to act to combat the Climate Change Emergency,’ which was the first bullet point under their ‘Quality of your Life – Our environment’ umbrella, which also mentions a plan for ‘a strategic approach to transport and parking that is sensitive to the environment.’

An introduction of ‘a law that will protect the rights of the unborn child subject only to limited exceptions in cases of rape, fatal foetal abnormality or risk of life to the mother’ is mentioned under the ‘Better Services for you and your families’ category alongside ‘a repeal of the July 2019 law introduced by the GSLP that would permit UK style Abortion on demand.’

Leader Keith Azopardi said, ‘The GSD manifesto, ‘The Future You Deserve’, is, in our view, the most comprehensive programme for government that is available at this election.

‘We are at an important moment in our history. And it is a moment that we believe that we can navigate on behalf of people. We intend to ensure economic success and sustainability. We want to guarantee environmental sustainability.’

The manifesto is currently available in an electronic format on the GSD’s website.