PANORAMA poll once again the most accurate

The PANORAMA OPINION POLL was once again the most accurate poll in forecasting the result of the general election. At the beginning of election week we announced our poll and said that the GSLP/Liberals would top the poll with 10 seats; that the GSD would secure 6 Opposition seats and that Together Gibraltar would secure one Opposition seat. That was the result of the election itself.

And at a time when it was thought that the GSLP/Liberals would secure over 60% of the votes, in keeping with their 2015 result of 68%, the PANORAMA Poll put the party at the much lower 54%. When the 300+ spoilt votes were removed from the actual election total, the GSLP/ Liberals obtained close to 53%. 

Our poll noted that there was strong voting for the TG leader, but they had the weakest block voting as a party, which was confirmed at the election itself.. The TG had as many as five candidates with votes in the bottom 2,000+bracket, compared with the strong 9,000+voting at the top of the GSLP/Liberal list. The GSLP/Liberals always in a safe position, untouchable!

There was confusion elsewhere, such as in social media where the TG was listed first, the GSD second and the GSLP/Liberal third - the actual result was the opposite.

While there was particularly strong voting for the TG leader, that did not translate to the party as such, with conclusions now evident that the leader was a success but the party as such was a failure.

Meanwhile, GBC kept harping and boasting almost throughout election night about their exit poll, but not giving due credit where it was due. The PANORAMA Poll ended up being the most accurate.

We are pioneers of opinion polls in Gibraltar, a track record spanning over 40 years. All our polls have used the same scientific methods that have produced such accurate results, with polling carried out in all the electoral districts, respondents remaining absolutely anonymous and confidential.